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Whiteboard worksheet

Sometimes projects come to us very clearly defined; other times we work with customers to help them know what's possible. This worksheet is a great place to start.

Name *
Clearly state one or more goals for your project. Typical goals include creating awareness of something, explaining how something works, presenting an idea to a selected group, collecting customer information, and so on.
Tell us who would be using the content. Is it for employees or customers? Would it be downloaded onto users' devices or accessible from a kiosk?
Delivery mode *
Tell us how the content would be most often presented. It's fine to select more than one mode.
Timetable *
Tell us when you need the final project delivered.
Are you working within a specific budget? Our fees vary depending on several factors; notably, the effort required to establish the parameters of a project; its volume and complexity; and the degree of customization required. We can adjust those parameters to meet most budgets. Our typical project falls between $40,000 and $80,000.
Tell us what content is available to help tell your story. Clients sometimes start with existing PowerPoint decks, assets created for print or web, videos that live on their YouTube channels, and so forth.
Suitability of content *
Generally speaking, do you feel that the content you already have is suitable for this project, or would you expect to need help to make it better?
Tell us what content might need to be created, either from scratch or building from existing assets.
Tell us what types of devices your content will be presented on. Be sure to include model numbers where applicable, and know that older equipment lacks the horsepower to present immersive content than newer models. If your primary delivery mechanism is via projector or teleconference, we'd like to know that, too.
Tell us what tools your company currently uses to create and distribute digital content. Please include any relevant software platforms for content management, customer relationship management, rapid app development, mobile device management, and graphic design.
Tell us whether your company has staff that can build or maintain your initial project in terms of design, production and technology; whether you rely on an agency or outside resource to do one or more of those tasks; or whether you would seek to engage Scrollmotion Blue to perform some or all.
Please let us know if there's anything further you'd like to tell us about your project to help us better understand your goals.
Next steps
You tell us what to do next.