Scrollmotion Blue creative agency

We help incredible companies make incredible apps.

About ScrollMotion Blue

Scrollmotion Blue is a creative agency that designs and develops custom business apps for touchscreen devices.

Our apps leverage interactive content to help companies sell, train and present. 

We work with clients based on their specified objectives, content and technology requirements. Our approach.

The process starts by asking the right questions. Our worksheet.

Sometimes our clients don't have all the answers. We're happy to help.

We sell whiteboard workshops to help scope projects. Our industry-leading experts help clients understand what's possible, and what isn't.

We also sell strategic consulting, interactive storytelling, content creation and production services. Our capabilities deck.

It's hard to generalize about apps, pricing and timetables. Best to schedule a conversation. 

About ScrollMotion

We are part of Scrollmotion, a company that develops software for creating and distributing interactive content on mobile devices.

We use our company's intuitive software, SmartStudio, whenever possible. 

SmartStudio content is delivered through our own Scrollmotion MobileLibrary app. It also works inside Bigtincan Studio.

We can also design and develop apps with custom functionality, or delivered through the App Store or your company's internal app store. 

You can see an overview of how SmartStudio works here.

You can see examples of interactive content produced in SmartStudio here.