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Interactivity 101

Interactivity is what separates tablets from televisions, turning iPads into business tools that allow customers and employees to tap, drag, swipe, pinch and engage more deeply than ever before possible.

As the marketplace yields more software that brings interactivity to the masses, it's helpful to understand the building blocks of interactive content. These are the elements that come together to create experiences, changing the way companies sell, train and present.

The following modules were created as iPad-friendly interactive documents using SmartStudio, Scrollmotion's intuitive software. They also work inside Bigtincan Studio, a collaboration between Scrollmotion and Bigtincan. Scrollmotion Blue works with clients who need help creating content to drive these experiences, or simply prefer working with an agency that can provide digital strategy, visual design, content creation and production.

Be sure to tap each thumbnail to see that module in action:


Deliver up to six video files and we'll design a handsome gallery page. High-resolution videos play immediately, regardless of whether there is an internet connection present.


We'll make your content draggable, so that users can move elements across the screen to engage more deeply. Cutaway diagrams work particularly well on self-service kiosk apps that users can drive without help. 


Provide an image and we'll deploy up to five tappable hotspots, each yielding a photo, caption, video or web link. For additional fees, we'll help tell your story visually. We excel at simplifying complex information.


Provide video files and we'll make them spin when swiped. Content creation services available upon request, including 3D animation.


We'll place your content behind sliding doors so that users can interact with your content to see pictures and access weblinks. A great way to feature weekly specials. 


Provide us with a video file and we'll make it interactive, so that the user can control it with a swipe of the finger. For additional fees, we can create the animations, too.


Say goodbye to PowerPoint. We can turn your numbers, facts and statistics into a visually appealing document that makes customers take notice.  


We bring your tabular data to life by making it interactive. A great way for salespeople to present multiple pricing tiers so that customers can understand differences.


Provide two images and we'll add interactivity so that when the user slides a finger across the screen, one image dissolves into the other. Content creation services available.


We can create interactive charts from your data that allow users to compare one set with another, with tappable values. 


Provide us with an image and we'll deploy up to five tappable hotspots, each yielding a photo, caption, video or web link. Content creation services available.


Bullets need not be boring! We can repackage your bullet points as interactive containers that make your content swipeable. Content creation services available.


We can consolidate your PDFs, weblinks and videos into a resource page that repackages curated and dynamic content in one handy package.

Mix and match document types to create applike experiences. Arrange pages sequentially so that the user swipes from one screen to the next, or add navigation elements to help the user jump from one screen to another. Software from Scrollmotion and Bigtincan make it easier than ever for businesses to create experiences for mobile devices.

Or work with Scrollmotion Blue to better understand how to leverage interactive content for your business.