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Why Scrollmotion Blue?

Six years after being introduced, tablets haven't yet transformed business.

There's more of them, for sure. Slowly but surely tablets are supplanting laptops inside Fortune 500 companies. But as it turns out, the tablet that transfixes your toddler does not by itself transform your company. Our software provides a starting point, making it easier than ever to create interactive experiences that turn toys into tools.

What's sometimes hard for companies, from our experience, is content.

Content is what makes tablets come alive. It is the catalyst for customer engagement, the conveyor of interactive training, the currency of business presentations. But for many companies, that content is strangled inside dense PowerPoints and scattered across the Internet. Fusillades of bullet points that stop innovation dead in its tracks. 

Enter Scrollmotion Blue.

Born from a software company that partners with the world's smartest companies, Scrollmotion Blue knows firsthand how interactive content increases engagement between businesses, customers and employees. Our experience telling business stories through apps —   as well as creating the software platform that powers those experiences — helps us see around corners like few others can. 

We believe that software plus storytelling make tablets transformative for businesses, like so:


To transform via tablets, companies must begin from within. Very often clients come to us lacking alignment on what they hope to accomplish. We start projects with whiteboard workshops intended to clearly define business objectives.  We help stakeholders better understand what's possible, surfacing opportunities and obstacles, and develop a laser-focused strategy that everyone agrees upon.


We combine words, images and sounds to make stories. They flow from stated objectives and come alive through technology to drive specific outcomes. Content comes in two flavors: content that companies already have, and content that companies need. Very often new content can be made from old, repackaged as interactive experiences that resonate when touched. We can prescribe or produce, depending on the customer's needs.


In many companies, the Sales department sets objectives, the Marketing department makes content and the IT department purchases technology. A business seeking transformation through touch-enabled devices needs these three groups to work more closely together. Scrollmotion Blue helps companies connect every dot to maximize potential while leveraging past investments in content and technology.

When objectives, content and technology are connected, companies engage with customers and employees more deeply than ever before possible. It need not end there if businesses require custom solutions that extend the capabilities of our software:

  • Forms and surveys that let the user talk back.
  • News feeds and dashboards that provide real-time context.
  • Software integrations that eliminate speed bumps.
  • Solutions that go beyond tablets and phones.
  • And much more.

Welcome to Scrollmotion Blue.