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WPP Invests in ScrollMotion to Broaden Storytelling Capabilities

NEW YORK — ScrollMotion announces that WPP [NASDAQ: WPPGY], the world’s largest communications services group, has led a US$6 million Series 2 round of financing in New York City-based software company ScrollMotion, intended to bring the power of interactive touchscreens to its agencies and their clients.

ScrollMotion helps companies create interactive content for touchscreen devices through its unique combination of software and storytelling. Its software division develops designer-friendly tools that help companies build and deploy interactive content. ScrollMotion’s creative agency, ScrollMotion Blue, works directly with clients to design apps that leverage interactive content to achieve specific business objectives.

The software division is led by Alan Braun, who left Apple to join ScrollMotion earlier this year. He is leading the development of a new product, which will launch in November.

The creative agency is led by Doug Pierce, a former COO at WPP agency POSSIBLE, and Joe Zeff, an iTunes Hall of Fame app designer described by Steve Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson as “one of the most creative and insightful designers of our era."

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Interactivity 101

Interactivity is what separates tablets from televisions, turning iPads into business tools that allow customers and employees to tap, drag, swipe, pinch and engage more deeply than ever before possible.

As the marketplace yields more software that brings interactivity to the masses, it's helpful to understand the building blocks of interactive content. These are the elements that come together to create experiences, changing the way companies sell, train and present.

The following modules were created as iPad-friendly interactive documents using SmartStudio, ScrollMotion's intuitive software. They also work inside Bigtincan Studio, a collaboration between ScrollMotion and Bigtincan. ScrollMotion Blue works with clients who need help creating content to drive these experiences, or simply prefer working with an agency that can provide digital strategy, visual design, content creation and production.

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Why Scrollmotion Blue?

Six years after being introduced, tablets haven't yet transformed business.

There's more of them, for sure. Slowly but surely tablets are supplanting laptops inside Fortune 500 companies. But as it turns out, the iPad that transfixes your toddler does not by itself transform your company. Software like ours provides a starting point, making it easier than ever to create interactive experiences that turn toys into tools . . . 

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