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We help incredible companies make incredible apps.

Interactive documents that change the way YOU sell, train and present using bigtincan

Scrollmotion Blue can create single-page interactive documents that work natively inside of Bigtincan. Off-the-shelf examples assume that the customer provides all content. Separately, we offer content creation including illustration, animation and motion graphics and content development to help simplify complex material.  

Mix and match document types to create applike experiences. We can arrange pages sequentially so that the user swipes from one screen to the next, or add navigation elements to help the user jump from one screen to another. If creating an applike experience exceeding four pages, we recommend a scoping session.

Options include a one-hour phone consultation and/or a four-hour whiteboard workshop. In both cases, fees are applied toward your first project with Scrollmotion Blue. We've created a worksheet to help customers predefine their objectives and make the best use of their scoping sessions.

Video gallery

Provide us with up to six video files and we'll design a handsome gallery page. Videos play instantly, regardless of whether there is an internet connection present.

Interactive diagram (drag)

We'll make your content draggable, so that users can move elements across the screen to engage more deeply. Cutaway diagrams work particularly well. 

Interactive diagram (swipe)

Provide us with a video file and we'll make it interactive, so that the user can control it with a swipe of the finger. For additional fees, we can create the animations.

interactive diagram (tap)

Provide an image and we'll deploy up to five tappable hotspots, each yielding a photo, caption, video or web link. For additional fees, we'll help tell your story visually.

Scenario Modeler

We can bring your tabular data to life by making it interactive. A great way for salespeople to present multiple pricing tiers so that customers can understand differences.

Data visualization

We can create interactive charts from your data that allow users to compare one set with another, with tappable values. 

360 spins

Provide video files and we'll make them spin when swiped. Content creation services available upon request, including 3D animation.

Interactive sliders

Provide two images and we'll add interactivity so that when the user slides a finger across the screen, one image dissolves into the other. Content creation services available.

Garage doors

We'll place your content behind sliding doors so that users can interact with your content to see pictures and access weblinks. A great way to feature weekly specials. 


Provide us with an image and we'll deploy up to five tappable hotspots, each yielding a photo, caption, video or web link. Content creation services available.

Magic bullets

Bullets need not be boring! We can repackage your bullet points as interactive containers that make your content swipeable. Content creation services available.

Numbers page

Say goodbye to PowerPoint. We can turn your numbers, factoids and statistics into a visually appealing document that make customers take notice.  

Resources page

We can consolidate your PDFs, weblinks and videos into a resource page that repackages curated and dynamic content in one handy package.

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